Animator. Illustrator. Sculptor. Champion sushi eater.

Dylan Cooney is an up-and-coming multidisciplinary animator known for her

draftsmanship, strange ideas, humor, and utter refusal to back down to a challenge.

She excels in both the traditional and digital art worlds – adopting a 2D hand-drawn

animation style –  and experiments with a plethora of different media at her disposal.


She is fascinated by the craftsmanship and puppetry of stop-motion animation, and

it is her dream to combine her skills as an animator, sculptor, and illustrator, to work

in puppet fabrication and character animation. Her wealth of knowledge accumulated

in her seven years of studies has allowed her to make most of her own assets.

This includes title sequences, post-production and audio engineering to compliment

her animation work.

Her goal is to breathe life into each of her characters, one frame at a time, with the

intention to generate powerful reactions and emotions from her audience – and, of

course, to leave them wanting more.