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digital painting loose style of the late Chi Chi DeVayne
digital loose brushy painting of cozy green livingroom scene with red rug and bookshelf
Editorial vector illustration of 6 quadrant face showing different gaming styles
zine illustration of dream sequences in multicolor showing people running with heavy legs, sexual themes, failing grades
painting of green alien character in jungle background climbing tree
digital illustration of red dragon roasting a chicken to be very overdone
D&D illustration of bird-skull druid character chopping a wood box with a sword in a forest
digital painting of Evie Oddly in stuffed animal outfit upsidedown in handstand
digital painting of tuxedo cat with mismatched eyes
digital painting of Sasha Velour in black fur outfit and crown, surrounded by rose petals on purple background
vector illustration of Queer Eye cast in colored outline style
tattoo design of voguing bear in black and white


mixed media portrait of the world showing one half green with nature and the other grey with buildings with multiple language
black and white marketing ad for Marshall amps drawn traditionally
collage work on tan background  with elements of black line with red and green blotches
abstract traditional painting of polygon shapes in pink, red green and orange
traditionally drawn marketing illustration for a watch on a well-dressed figure
anatomical illustration of Popeye's muscular system
traditional painted portrait in worms eye view of Louis Armstrong playing piano


technical color illustration in exploded view of morse code machine
page from illustrated book showing little girl thinking with thought bubble about what to be when she's older
botanical illustration of paddle cactus and its parts with growth cycle
marketing ad done in markers for Paragon Drums or drummer at drumset
poster for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind (2004) showing brain maze descending into darkness
1950's style poster encouraging people to move to Mars red and pink design, "A" letter made by rover tracks
book cover for lord of the flies in watercolor showing giant shell as island
infographic of inner workings of mechanical watch in steps with gears


nude pencil studies of woman
nude pencil studies of woman
studies of animals in pencil
studies of apple being eaten in stages in pencil
nude pencil studies of woman
nude pencil studies of woman
studies of 2D animated character showing expressions and poses
studies of cat paws in blue
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